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We work with a sizeable team of Directors, all of whom work professionally outside of Drama Studio London, bringing key skills straight from the profession to our students, working across all genres.

Our current pool of directors include:

Kate Al Hadid

Tony Bell

Steve Brownlie
Michael Cabot
Jacquie Crago
Peter Craze
Nel Crouch
Philip Dart
Christian Durham
Jenny Eastop
Michael Fry
Chris Garner

Dominic Gerrard
John Griffiths
Alan Hescott
Rosamunde Hutt
Sara Joyce 
Jonathan Kemp
Gillian King
Titania Krimpas
Mark Leipacher
Illona Linthwaite
Emma Lucia
Ishwar Maharaj
Kate McGregor

Matthew Parker
Chris Pickles
Lucy Pitman-Wallace
Granville Saxton
Kit Thacker
David Tucker
Stephen Unwin
Holly Wilson
David Wylde