DSL Alumni MFA Graduates Professional Restage of Degree Project Bordel Boudoir

MFA Project ‘Bordel Boudoir’ to have Professional Staging at The Hope Theatre

2023 MFA graduates Zoé Manset, Paddy Eden and Sonya Astrina are taking the Independent Production play Bordel Boudoir to the Hope Theatre in October (22nd and 23rd) alongside fellow graduate Emelia Berkley.

This was a project first devised and presented as part of their MFA studies at DSL and it’s a tribute to their entrepreneurial creativity and drive that the piece will now have a professional staging.

We caught up with them recently to find out how the project evolved and what graduate Ife is like ow that they are out in the wider industry.

Tell us about how this current project developed?

We developed it around December 2022 as part of our Independent Production at DSL. We found similarities in our projects and decided to work together and gave birth to this little gem. We got together during our residency in America and that’s when we started working on the skeleton that developed into our Bordel Boudoir. Each one of us gave a different input into the project and it was this diversity that helped us shape and create Bordel Boudoir. We had regular check ins with Jules Cranney who guided us in the right direction and supported our ideas.

What part of your DSL training did you enjoy the most?

The support from our peers, the friendships and connections we made and the European residency in Poland. The beautiful thing about DSL is the number of freelance tutors and industry professionals that come in to share their work. The variety of teaching styles and content we had was great.

What did you find most challenging about training and how did you work through that?

Keeping up with the programme’s fast pace and the singing classes. Seriously though, the conservatoire training style we experienced is a gift but boy does it test your stamina! Communicating our doubts, doing the work, being ready and there for our peers as well as supported by them constantly is what pushed us through.

Have you drawn on your training in your work since graduating? Anything specifically?

The focus and commitment on the task at hand. Being able to compartmentalize and multi-task whilst staying present in what you’re offering is key.

How was the transition into the industry after graduating?

So far so good. It’s only been 2 months. Ask us again in 6 months’ time. We certainly miss the friendly faces.

What advice would you give to the next wave of DSL graduates?

Take chances, even if you have no clue what to do, or what’s happening, just take chances and always give offers. This is the time to try anything.

Do you have any tips or advice for anyone applying for DSL this year?

Be patient, understanding and in charge of your choices. It ain’t easy, but it’s a lot of fun and knowledge if you truly give yourself the chance to soak up the knowledge.

It’s always rewarding to hear about graduates collaborating to bring their work to audiences. We wish you all the very best for the run and look forward to hear what you do next!

You can book for the show here!