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Friday, 08 October 2021 10:41

FDS CUK Performing Arts HE & Training Fair at Leeds City College

Leeds FDS CUK DSL tutor and director,  Charlie Barker, led workshops on  ‘Painting pictures with words’ aimed at de-mystifying Shakespeare. This exploration of text was aimed at providing a glimpse into the way actors at DSL work.

“The event was buzzing all day with excited students (and occasional parents) and the energy was electric.”- Charlie Barker

At our DSL stand, interested students were able to question our Outreach Officer, Honey Gabriel,  about the training that we offer. As Honey is also a 2019 graduate, she is able to provide first hand knowledge about life at DSL. 

"It was really lovely to meet so many aspiring actors and their parents and teachers.” - Honey Gabriel

The training fair is a brilliant way for FDS schools to extend their reach across the UK. At Drama Studio London we are intent on providing equal opportunities to anyone interested in pursuing professional acting training, whatever their background. This event allowed us to break down the geographical barrier which prevents many prospective students from finding out more about our courses.  We are also providing virtual first round auditions to reduce travel and audition cost to increase accessibility.

We look forward to participating in further training events across the UK.