Moby Dick

By John Godber and Nick Lane

Performed by the BA in Professional Acting

Directed by Ishwar Maharaj

June to July 2022



John Godber and Nick Lane’s stage adaptation of the classic 19th century American literary masterpiece, Moby Dick, throws you onto the deck with Captain Ahab and his crew, as his obsessive pursuit of the great white whale threatens disaster to all.

Told by a group of descendants of those who once worked in the docks of London, we are taken on a rollicking ride across the seas, as they recreate the legendary encounter between Ahab and Moby Dick, the broad white shadow that rises from the deep.

At its heart this is a cautionary tale for our times, detailing humanity’s relentless desire for mastery over nature and the hubris that makes us, like Ahab, indifferent to the warnings of those who see where it will lead