Drama Studio London

Course Length

5 to 9 August and/or 12 to16 August

One or Two weeks

9.45am – 5.15pm daily

Course Fee

£450 (1 week)

£900 (2 weeks)

Course Overview

​The DSL Young Actors Summer School is an exciting new course which covers core acting skills for 16- to 18-year-olds.

Whether you are looking to develop a new skill outside of school or are considering full-time training, you will be provided with an exciting and diverse range of classes led by highly experienced professional practitioners.

The course covers many aspects of actor training, including stage, screen, audio and movement. By the end of the course, you can expect to be more confident in your use of your body and voice for performance, enjoy interpreting text and understand ways to make bold character choices. Emphasis is given to audition technique, benefiting those applying to full-time drama schools.

This course has been designed in such a way that participants may book for just one week OR both. However, if you have little or no previous experience, we recommend that you do both weeks of the course to get the most benefit.

Entry requirements
Applicants must be  aged 16 to 18.

To ensure you get the most out of the course, your English Language MUST be strong enough for you to speak, read, write, listen and comprehend easily. As a guide, you should be at IELTS level 4.5 or above/CEFR level B1 or above.

The Fee is payable upon application and relate to sterling transactions only. For non-sterling payments please add the equivalent of £20GBP to cover bank charges and administration costs.

If you withdraw earlier than 4 weeks before the course start date we will refund the course fee minus a £50 administration charge. The full fee is non-refundable if you withdraw within 4 weeks of the start date. There is no VAT charge on this course.


How to Apply
No audition is required. All applications should be made via our Online Application Form

To ensure each student receives suitable individual attention, we limit the places to 14.  These are available on a first come first served basis. Applications will close when all places are filled.

Non-UK students can participate in this course as part of their travel to Britain under the following terms HERE

Terms and Conditions
Drama Studio London (DSL) reserves the right to discontinue or amend its short courses if the minimum number of participants is not reached or for any other reason outside of DSL’s control. This is applicable up to the start date of the course.

In the event that DSL changes a course significantly:

  • DSL will take reasonable steps to make sure that changes are communicated to participants of the course, if they are affected by the change.
  • Participants will be entitled to withdraw from the course. In this case, DSL may refund course fees, if reasonable to do so.
  • If reasonable, DSL will offer participants a place on a course which DSL deems a suitable alternative.

Please note that DSL takes no responsibility for any personal costs incurred by an individual if a course is cancelled.