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Acting Summer School

Acting Summer School

DSL Summer School provides you with an exciting and diverse range of classes led by highly experienced professional practitioners.  

The aim of this acting course for adults is to give you a taste of what it is like to attend one of the Federation of Drama Schools.  You will get the chance to enjoy the challenges presented by the acting and movement classes, explore text, improve your audition technique, build your confidence, gain some experience of acting in front of the camera, throw yourself into the devising process, try out some improvisation techniques and deliver a short group performance at the end of the course.

There may be many different reasons why you choose to attend - you may be thinking of applying to drama school, wish to develop your presentation skills or simply want to try something completely new. What we can guarantee is that you will have a fun-packed range of opportunities and become part of the friendly DSL family culture which everyone who has ever been in the building always talks about. 

As part of the course there will be an informal, early evening drinks and Q&A session with a professional actor or director.

All directors and practitioners on the summer school are working professionals - so the advice and training they offer is always industry relevant. And whilst you are here, Heads of Departments at DSL will always be available to offer their expertise. 

If you are thinking of applying to Drama School, there will be a chance to meet with a current student and ask them about their experience.


  • Building a company - theatre games, commitment, collaboration & connection
  • Exploring Text as an Actor - making sense of the World of the Play
  • Acting 1 - Stagecraft - starting a dialogue between actors and space / short scenes
  • Audition Technique for Stage and Screen - getting noticed right from the first moment
  • Acting 2 - Finding truth in performance - you are the character, the character is you / more short scenes
  • Creating a Character - ways into truthful characterisation
  • An introduction to acting for screen - shooting scenes (acting & crewing)
  • Enduring Words - the joy of text, language and stories
  • Devising through the body - developing a relationship with space and fellow actors through the teachings of Anne Bogart, Michael Chekhov & Théatre de Complicité
  • Acting 3 - The mechanics of the craft - using objectives, tactics & stakes in-situ with short scenes
  • Intro to stage choreography - based around the musical West Side Story
  • An introduction to acting for screen - shooting, playback & feedback
  • Acting 4 - Making bold choices - responding creatively to the opportunities presented by character and situation
  • Improvisation - using a range of techniques as a creative springboard
  • Devised performance rehearsal 1 - movement, short scenes & monologues
  • Devised performance rehearsal 2 + PERFORMANCE - with feedback and presentation of certificates afterwards


A certificate of attendance will be issued if you attend 90% or more of the course. 


Places for this nine day course are limited to 12 and are booked on a first come first serve basis. While we will not be taking payment until we can confirm the programme in July, we recommend filling in the application form now to secure your place.

"Attending a Summer Course at Drama Studio London was a great opportunity for me to be sure that full time training was something I wanted to do. The days were structured in the same way as the full time course and the teaching staff I met taught me on the Diploma too. We covered a lot in a week; breath, voice, preparation of text, improvisation and devising a piece created from scratch. It was good to get a sense of the culture of the school to make sure it suited me. Also, simple things such as being familiar with travel arrangements, the layout of the building and some of the staff before auditioning helped with the nerves. There is a really warm and supportive family atmosphere at DSL. I feel very privileged to have been able to audition at the last minute and take the final slot on the 1 Year Diploma Course. It changed my life in the space of a week!" Sally, 2019 attendee

"The summer course was a great introduction to drama school and the professional training you can expect to receive from studying full time at Drama Studio London. The intensive course definitely gave me a sense of how the school operates with a strong focus on individuality and uniqueness. The staff are incredibly encouraging and genuinely interested in getting to know you as an actor as well as a human being. In two weeks I managed to explore most of the classes that are part of the full time course. The summer course also provided me with some useful tools which helped me prepare for the audition." Helene, 2019 attendee


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