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Writing For Stage and Screen - Playwriting Course 2020



This weekly course of two-hour workshops runs for two terms of 10 weeks, with a break of 10 weeks in the middle for participants to create their own play or screenplay. 

The first term addresses the principles of drama writing, with reference to existing scripts, but what makes this course unique is the second term, when the works will be brought to life by actors; not only will participants learn if their dialogue successfully transitions off the page, but they’ll also gain valuable feedback on what actors need to portray believable, 3-D characters. 

We’ll cover everything from initial concept - why some ideas work and others don’t - to the specific technicalities of scriptwriting and stage directions, via structure, the development of plot and subplots, choice of characters, and the creation of realistic, idiosyncratic dialogue.  

This course is suitable for beginners and the more experienced alike, and for all genres of drama - comedy, mystery, action, and so on.   

Diane Messias started out in theatre as a writer, script editor, director, music director and performer.  Specialising in comedy, she subsequently spent five years as a BBC Comedy producer/director - One Foot In The Grave is among a long list of credits - before leaving to freelance in every conceivable medium.  She currently works chiefly as a writer and script consultant. 

Diane is a member of The Writers Guild of Great Britain.