Accessibility and Inclusion

At Drama Studio London, we believe that talent, enthusiasm and commitment are the key characteristics of a successful actor, and that societal, cultural and economic restrictions should not be a barrier.

We are proud of our family ethos and work to ensure that DSL is an accessible, equal and supportive community which reflects the diverse identities across the industry, and wider society.

In January 2023 we made the decision to stop charging for auditions with immediate effect. This is part of our ongoing policy of breaking down barriers to conservatoire training by widening participation for all.

What we do


Our outreach programme aims to inspire prospective actors from schools across the UK to train as professional actors. This is particularly important in regions of low participation.

Bursaries and Scholarships

Students facing financial pressure may apply for The Professor Peter John CBE Scholarships which provides 50% off tuition fees.

There are a number of external monetary and non-monetary bursaries that DSL is actively involved in, to provide additional opportunities for students. Find out more on the Funding page

The Friends of DSL is an independent, registered charity which provides bursaries to students to alleviate financial pressures. Please note course fees are not eligible for these awards. However, we are looking into ways to provide additional scholarships going forward.

Mental Health First Aiders, UWL Wellbeing Team and Disability Support

A number of DSL staff are qualified Mental Health First Aiders and all DSL students have access to the Wellbeing Services at UWL. The UWL disability support team provide assistance to students with a wide range of disabilities including, but not limited to:

  • Specific learning differences (such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD)
  • Mental health difficulties (such as depression, bi-polar disorder)
  • Long-term medical conditions (such as HIV, cancer, multiple sclerosis)
  • Hidden disabilities (such as diabetes, asthma, epilepsy)
  • Sensory impairments (such as visual impairments, hearing impairments)
  • Mobile or physical impairments (such as paralysis, arthritis)

EDI training

DSL staff attend regular seminars and workshops with specialists and organisations such as Dr Ossie Stuart and Tonic Theatre to engage with the very important topics surrounding equality, diversity and inclusion.