Drama Studio London is committed to the protection of individuals’ rights and privacy.

Web visitor information is gathered by Google Analytics to track and report website traffic for Drama Studio London, and to provide insight into how users are interacting with our site.

As well as data collected automatically by the website, some pages ask for additional information, such as when completing application forms. This information is used by the DSL office and is sent to our admissions team for processing.

All personal data is collected and stored in compliance with the Data Protection Act (2018) and General Data Protection Regulations (2018). Personal data is not passed on to third parties and will remain confidential. Under the Data Protection Act, any individuals about whom the School may be holding personal data have the right to access the data that is being held about them. If you would like to request your data, please send any request to with full details of your request. Under GDPR, DSL is required to respond to your request within one month.