The Professor Peter John CBE Professional Acting Scholarship 2023

We are pleased to announce that The Professor Peter John CBE Professional Acting Scholarship has been awarded to Ant Henson (PG Dip/MA in Professional Acting), Rosemarie Kingfisher (MFA in Professional Acting with Independent Production) and Detroit Simms (BA (Hons) in Professional Acting).

This scholarship, provided in the name of the Vice Chancellor of the University of West London, provides a 50% discount on tuition fees.

It is a part of DSL’s commitment to widening access to professional acting training by breaking down economic barriers which prevent many talented people from applying to drama school.

“I’m so very grateful to both Drama Studio London and The University of West London for this scholarship. Life as an actor is rarely easy, economically-speaking, and it’s an extremely daunting challenge to take a year off of full-time work in which to study. The financial relief that this reduction in fees provides will allow me to concentrate entirely on my studies without the added pressure of working all available hours to stay afloat. With the stress of making ends meet relaxed considerably, I now heartily look forward to throwing myself 110% into this process and getting the most of my training, in pursuit of my acting goals. Once again, thank you for this opportunity.” Ant Henson, PG Dip/MA in Professional Acting

“I would like to start by saying the biggest thank you. This scholarship means I am able to study. In the past I would worry where my next meal would come from, how many hours do I need to work after studying for 7 hours. This scholarship gives me the freedom to study, focus on becoming an actor and establishing my future. I acknowledge that I am very fortunate for this scholarship, and for that I would like to say thank you again.” Detroit Simms, BA (Hons) in Professional Acting

“I am very honoured to be receiving the Professor Peter John CBE Professional Acting Scholarship Award. I come from a low income, single parent home and I am the first of my immediate family to receive my undergraduate college degree and now to study on a postgraduate programme. Though financial hardship was not unfamiliar to me growing up, I was never discouraged by my mother to pursue my passion for acting or my education. Through higher education I learned to love being in a classroom, and I am thrilled to become a student again and learn not just from my teachers but from my peers as well. I am very grateful to be recognized by DSL which will become a future home of mine and I intend to take advantage of every experience of the next two years at DSL.” Rosemarie Kingfisher, MFA in Professional Acting with Independent Production