DSL Welcomes Tonic Theatre Workshop

At DSL, we consciously work to create an atmosphere where creativity and imagination can thrive. To support this aim, we recently welcomed the Tonic Theatre team to our studios for workshops with our students.

‘Our courses provide practical tools and tangible take-aways and ensure a supportive and structured space in which groups can work through difficult topics and think laterally around problems.’ Tonic Theatre

The course focused on the fundamentals of working together – understanding and navigating the themes of intimacy, emotional vulnerability, and interdependence in the acting process.

‘Tonic’s workshop was absolutely fantastic! It was impressive how the workshop was structured, with a combination of both independent self-reflection and collaborative discussion. It was great becoming aware of new industry perspectives and was a lovely chance to further our understanding of how to improve working conditions, as we continue to train!’ Caitlyn Vary – BA Hons 1st Year

Students voiced their opinions on the importance of feeling safe from: Negative judgement, discrimination, mockery, bias, unsafe expectations, exploitation, coercion, abuse, prejudice, harassment, bullying, Ostracism, verbal and emotional violence, destructive attitudes and gossip.

And empowered to: Make bold choices, take up space, start again, express themselves, play, listen, support, contribute, step outside your comfort zone, celebrate achievements, question, fail, experiment, create boundaries, be heard, share, create, self advocate, connect, trust, risk, show vulnerability, learn from others, do hard work and challenge.

If you want to learn more about Tonics’ resources and courses you will find information on their website here.