“Drama Studio London provides fantastic vocational training. I was especially impressed by the highly-skilled, renowned industry practitioners who were brought in to teach us. The small and friendly environment means that DSL cares about each individual student. You get to know every tutor personality, including the director of DSL, and it is clear that they will always support you during your studies and beyond. Since English is not my first language, I struggled with accent work but I received additional coaching to ensure I was on track. I honestly couldn’t wish for a better experience. If you want to become a professional actor, DSL is simply the right school.” 

Ivan Stawschenko

1 Year MA in Professional Acting

“DSL has transformed me not only as actor but also as a person. I feel more confident, free and stronger physically, vocally and mentally. Working in an atmosphere with friends who are strong-willed, committed and excited who share the same passion as you is truly a gift. The faculty and staff gave me the necessary techniques to polish my skill. I can say with all certainty that DSL is truly another home for me.”

Wendy-Anne Daloz

1 Year Diploma in Professional Acting

“My year at DSL has been transformative and has delivered everything I hoped it might. From flamenco to sonnets, radio plays to stage combat, no stone was left unturned in preparing us for life as professional actors. There is a really strong feedback system, a wonderful range of coaches and tutors and the chance to work with a ton of esteemed directors, actors and industry professionals – all within a family ethos. I will always look back with great happiness and pride on a challenging but hugely rewarding year. Thank you DSL!”

Charlie Sheepshanks

1 Year Diploma in Professional Acting

“Choosing to train at DSL is easily the best decision I could have made for my acting career. Over the last year, I have received top class training from esteemed directors and actors actively working in the industry and grown as both a performer and a person. My confidence and belief in my talent has sky rocketed this year and that is all down to the nurturing environment created by DSL staff and students alike; it really is a family. I will be forever grateful to DSL for all I have learned and for helping me begin my professional career”

Kirsty Ferriggi

1 Year Diploma in Professional Acting

“3yrs at DSL went by faster than I ever thought it could. The tutors and my classmates became family and those who taught me made my time extraordinary. Thanks to them, I am the actor and woman I am today. Here’s to the future.”

Lucy Tebb

BA (Hons) in Professional Acting

“My 3 years at Drama Studio London were intense, thought provoking and incredibly fun. The training & experienced faculty have helped me to blossom as an actor and individual. I have been given a toolbox full of skills, a clear vision of what area of the industry I want to go into, and many wonderful friends. For that, I couldn’t be more grateful.”

Ben Strang

BA (Hons) in Professional Acting

“It’s been an absolute honor to have been able to study my master’s degree at DSL; I don’t think it’s possible to get a better and more thorough preparation for the industry. Not only have I grown as an actor, discovered the beauty of ensemble work and was taught, by experienced professionals, about the industry, but I’ve also learned to create my own work and with that, broaden my opportunities within the acting world. Finally, as an international student, it’s been great to have found a second home in the warm, welcoming and fun community of DSL.”  

Mira Levine

MFA in Professional Acting with Independent Production

“Training to be a professional actor was always on my to-do list, but necessity and circumstance kept me from that pursuit. After retiring from a long career in publishing, I decided that it was finally time. As a mature student I came to DSL eager to learn but also with trepidation. How would I fit in? Could I keep up? After I secured my place on the MFA in Professional Acting with Independent Production course, I let my fears be known. I will never forget Emma Lucia Hands re-assuring me by explaining that they (DSL) were going to train me to be a 67 year old actor, not a 25 year old actor! It is not an easy course but whenever I feel really challenged, I remember that meeting. I am halfway through the course now and the age gap in my acting ensemble of classmates has virtually disappeared. With so much on offer there is more than enough training for an actor of any age”

Brian Voakes

MFA in Professional Acting with Independent Production