Eco Practices at Drama Studio London

At DSL, we take our environmental responsibility seriously. Theatre practices haven’t always been the most ecological and sustainable in the past, but we have put various initiatives in place to minimise our carbon footprint.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!


At DSL we print only on demand and encourage digital reading wherever possible. With access to a vast digital library and resources through our association with UWL and subscription to specialist websites and archives, our students can keep much of their study in a digital space rather than printing. Assignments can be emailed or submitted electronically and most of our promotional activity is web based. We stopped printing our prospectus and it can now be downloaded from our website, along with other PDF guides and resources.

We have water coolers in the building that are refreshed by a company that reuses the bulk containers – students bring in their own water bottles so that we don’t use plastic cups or single use plastic within the building or at our events.

Drama Studio London has cut its energy use and carbon emissions by upgrading its heating system to a ground source heat pump. You can read the full details of the installation here.


The materials used on DSL sets are recycled as much as possible – sometimes appearing in three or more productions. We also have a large props store on site and an extensive wardrobe department, items from which have had a lot of stage time in our productions. If we ever need an item that’s not already part of our collections, we are able to borrow from our network of conservatoires and local arts organisations.

We also have a small specialist library of hard copies at Grange Court that students can borrow. Some of our books have been donated by former tutors. We are happy to receive donations of actor relevant texts!


In addition to the reuse of set, props and costume at DSL, we provide recycling for paper, plastic and metal in our offices and studios.

We are always keen to learn about the most environmentally friendly and efficient ways to deliver our work and use our spaces. Staff attend training and events to ensure we know about developments in this area.

Want to be more involved in sustainable theatre practices?

For more information on how to make theatre in the most environmentally friendly way possible, visit the Theatre Green Book website where you’ll find resources to help you plan and deliver theatre in an eco-conscious way and develop sustainable practices.