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Vocational drama school accredited by Drama UK, that trains actors for today's acting profession.

small Drama Uk Accredited full colour on white High ResDrama Studio London is a vocational drama school, accredited by Drama UK, that trains actors for today's acting profession. Our training is provided to the highest standard for students with talent and maturity of outlook. We will stretch your ability through a demanding syllabus which will heighten your awareness, offer new or enhanced acting skills and enable you to practice these skills through consistent performance opportunities. We have an established reputation for full time, professional and qualified acting training and also offer part-time and short courses for aspiring actors and budding amateurs.

Latest News

  • Apply For 2017 Entry

    Apply For 2017 Entry

    Applications for 2017 entry for our 1 Year Diploma  & 2 Year Diploma courses as well as our 3 Year BA Degree course open on Friday the 16th of September at 12:00h .

    Auditions will begin in October and will run through to Spring 2017. Admissions for the diploma courses run in blocks - read more - whereas the degree programme offers rolling auditions with places offered as we go along. Apply early for the best chance of a place.

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Full Time Courses

Short Courses

Graduation Productions

Agents, Casting Directors, Theatre, TV & Film professionals have several opportunities to watch our students in the Graduation Season.

  • Showcases: short scenes to highlight our students' talents
  • Ensemble Productions: 1 hour open-space plays to demonstrate versatility and team work
  • Graduation Productions: Full length plays to showcase our professional actors
  • Find out more about the student career launch