A Dead Man in Spain

By Meredydd Barker
Directed by Jonathan Kemp
Performed by the 1 Year Diploma in Professional Acting
July 2022

Set within the unfolding chaos of the Spanish Civil War, the play offers a kaleidoscope of perspectives – from first hand witness accounts to the horrors inflicted by the military junta on its own people; to the decisions on non-intervention taken by the UK government; to the lament of the Welsh prizefighter, morally drawn to Spain, alongside others, to fight in the International Brigade; to the burden of responsibility on journalists to bear witness and present objective truth.

With its haunting parallels to contemporary conflicts in Syria and in Ukraine, the play reflects on dilemmas of moral support and of arming a friendly ally.

Juxtaposing the political and historical with poetic leaps A Dead Man In Spain creates an evocative theatrical space in which we are asked to consider how and where the boundaries of identities are drawn, and how history is recorded… and forgotten.