American exchange course at DSL

Every year exchange students from the USA spend two months at Drama Studio London.

They are immersed into a specialist Shakespeare programme led by expert practitioners such as Bill Alexander and Carol Rutter.

This year, the programme included trips to The Globe to see Titus Andronicus and The National Theatre to see Othello. They spent a weekend in Shakespeare’s birthplace, Stratford-Upon Avon, to visit the Royal Shakespeare Company where they saw The Tempest.

 Read some comments about the students’ experience:

“My favourite part of the DSL study abroad experience is all the professional tutors I have learned from. I have met so many different theatre practitioners that have given me new perspectives and taught me so much not just about acting, but about the industry.”

“Spending time with the DSL students has been so much fun and was a warm welcome to London. They are as passionate about acting as we are.”

“I feel that my time at DSL has really helped me and my classmates become more well-rounded actors and people.”

“Getting so see The Tempest at the RSC has been my favourite part of the trip. The training here is fantastic and I’m so appreciative of being here.”

“My favourite thing about studying at DSL is the variety of topics and areas we cover, as well as the kindness and knowledge of the practitioners. There’s never a day when we aren’t learning and growing!”