FDS – DSL & OSD Regional Auditions Project

DSL continues to strive towards providing access to all for quality actor training. We have recently visited Newcastle, Doncaster and Southampton as a part of our Regional Auditions Project with The Oxford School of Drama.

The project developed over a number of years in which Federation of Drama School members collaborate to extend opportunities across the UK for prospective actors to demonstrate their talent.

Removing the cost of auditioning and minimising travel costs breaks down some of the financial barriers to professional actor training. This is particularly relevant in areas of low arts participation such as Newcastle, Doncaster and Southampton.

Find out what the participants thought of the project:

“The audition panel made the whole experience friendly and stress free”.

“The group work was fun. It was really nice to be able to ask questions and chat with representatives from DSL and OSD.”

“I felt that the panel were able to judge us not just on monologues, but in a more rounded way.”

“The great environment made auditioning not as nerve-wracking.”

“It was a really enjoyable day – the workshop and small group really took the pressure out of the audition situation and allowed me to do my best.”

“Nice to see two schools collaborating. So lovely to be back into in person auditions without financial burden of travel etc.”

“I am not from an affluent background so any way to cut costs helps.”